Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So...I was sure I posted a recap of my first 5K (walk) but I logged on this morning and discovered I didn't!! Lo siento. I feel like I've been going nonstop ever since then. Thankfully I'm on spring break (!!) so I can post my long overdue recap.

First, my playlist (which worked really well to keep me motivated)

Dude why does that always end up so tiny? Sorry y'all!! I tried to make it bigger and it got really blurry!

If anyone can't read that and wants me to type it all out, leave a comment and I'll do it in my next post!

There were a TON of people at the 5K walk. I heard later that there were something like 3,000+, which I really didn't expect!! I got a picture of the starting line but Blogger refuses to size it the way I want it, so take my word for it...there were a TON of people.

I enjoyed my normal breakfast of cereal and yogurt before heading out. When I got to the expo, there was a table giving out mini Larabars, so of course I had one (unpictured). It was the Coconut Cream Pie flavor and it was delicious. I ended up coming back post-race to grab a Cherry Pie Larabar. Also very good.

The weather was absolutely perfect - not too hot, not too cold! The only complaint I had about the course is that they ran out of water stations at the very end. Next time, I'll bring my own water bottle!

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