Monday, October 4, 2010

I support healthy living bloggers.

Well, obviously, I kind of *am* one. Haha.

[gets on soapbox]

This article, if you haven't seen it yet (which I'm sure you have if you read Meghann's blog), definitely criticizes healthy living bloggers, 6 in particular! I don't read all of them, but I do read "The Inner Workings of a College Graduate" (now known as Meals and Miles) regularly, and I have to say that the article is completely ridiculous. Reading the healthy living blogs, such as Meals and Miles, Fitnessista , among others, has been motivating me to keep trying to live a healthy lifestyle (with a few indulgences) while in college. Marie Claire's article on the subject is completely wrong.

[/jumps off soapbox]

Now then. Haha.

Foods of the week...
- Apples make great in between class snacks.
- Nutella + peanut butter + whole wheat bread = best sandwich ever. Don't believe me? TRY IT. You will love it. ;)
- I've been putting cinnamon on sliced apples, peaches, and my nutella/pb sandwiches for 3 weeks. Yes, it's good. No, I'm not wierd at all. :p

Healthy living tip...
The feeling when you let go of something that's been weighing you down is amazing!! If you're holding onto something or someone that's dragging you down, LET GO. Give it to God and let Him handle it. To quote one of my favorite songs: It's a new day/Oh, it's a new time/And there's a new way/I'm gonna live my life/All the old has passed away/And the new has come/Thank God it's a brand new day!

Artist: Avalon
Song: New Day
Album: Testify to Love (2003)

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