Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sinusitis: round 2...and other things

...hopefully this is the last round!! Sinus infections are no bueno.

I finished the original antibiotic, but I was still feeling sick. So my doctor put me on a stronger antibiotic for another week. I am hoping and praying that this one works, especially since classes start back up in under a week!! I'm taking 16 (!!) credit hours this semester. I don't have time to be sick!!

Despite not feeling that great, I have managed to exercise a little. (Thanks ExerciseTV.) These are the 2 workouts I've been doing the most... (Power walking, Leslie Sansone, 20 min.) (Yoga/pilates for abs, Elise Gulan, 10 min.)

My top 5 workout songs this week:

Britt Nicole - Welcome to the Show click
Britt Nicole - Glow click
Carrie Underwood - Songs Like This click
Third Day - Make Your Move click
Switchfoot - You Already Take Me There click

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