Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two things I learned about dating in 2010.

Actually, I learned a lot about dating in 2010. The 2 I picked may sound really, really obvious, but I personaly think they are still worth stating.

  • Guys: Respect your girl's beliefs.
    If your girlfriend (or the girl you would like to make your girlfriend) has a different view on something than you do, hear her out! Why does she believe that? What drew her to the conclusion that caused her to form that belief? Don't dump or ignore her because of a difference of opinion. Listen to her reasoning behind it. Who knows? You find that you may agree!
    **The key word here is RESPECT. Don't force her to change her mind or do something she doesn't want to.**
  • Girls: If the guy won't respect your beliefs, find one who will.
    I have some experience in this area. I'm a TLW kind of girl. (10 points if you recognize the acronym! ;) ) Not all guys think that being TLW is a good thing, which I didn't fully realize until 2010.
    If the guy is pressuring you to change your beliefs or do something that you don't want to, tell him NO and drop him as fast as you can. (Yep, I had to do this.)

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