Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One down, one to go!

I am DONE with one of my summer classes! YES!! Only one left, and that ends in a month! Actually, I should be studying for it right now...but nope, I am on a study break. I spotted this on Gina's Twitter account and thought it was worth posting:

What do y'all think? Personally, I agree. I think taking "study breaks" to exercise last semester helped me pass my hardest class, accounting. When studying for an exam, I'd take 3 or 4 10-20 minute breaks to do a little Pilates, a little bit of power walking, that kind of thing. It worked - I did a lot better in accounting than I thought!!

And now that I've posted that, it's back to my economics study coma.

Economics...I will defeat you!!


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