Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music rediscovered

I love rediscovering really good workout songs, don't you?

Artist: Avalon
Song: The Best Thing (Euro Stack Mix)
Album: 02 Avalon Remixed

I was looking for another song off the same CD on YouTube for a guy I know (he loves this genre) and I found this one instead. I put it back into my workout playlist and took it for a test drive (er, walk) this afternoon. I don't remember why I removed it in the first place - great power walking song!!

I did eventually find the original song I was looking for, and it's going into my workout playlist tomorrow!

Artist: Avalon
Song: Can't Live A Day (DJ Tiesto Mix)
Album: 02 Avalon Remixed

And there it is!! Enjoy the bonus song. (Sensing a theme with this week's music yet?? Haha. I love my rock and roll, but there's still a part of me that likes the pop/dance/techno!)

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