Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweat music.

It has NOT been a fun week. Don't ask why, it just hasn't. Lots of things going on and...AHH. I will be so glad to get to the weekend.

(And why did Blogger make that so tiny?? Grr. *hits Blogger* I hope you can read that!)

That, if you can read it, is my favorite list of power walking songs right now, or as I call it, "sweat music". Sometimes, if you're having a bad day (or WEEK), exercise and "sweating it out" can help relieve stress. It certainly has been helping me!!

If you can't read it:
1. The Best Thing [Euro Stack Mix] - Avalon
2. Million Voices - BarlowGirl
3. Anthem - Superchic[k]
4. Running Out of Time - BarlowGirl
5. Alegria - Salvador
6. Come Alive - BarlowGirl
7. Lady is a Tramp - Glee Cast
8. Don't Rain On My Parade - Glee Cast
9. Psalm 73 - BarlowGirl feat. Todd Agnew
10. Take My Chances - BarlowGirl

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